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Job Title: Full-Stack Developer

Experience: Senior

Job Function: Web Development

Employment Type: Full-Stack Developer

Reporting Relationship: This position reports to the Chief Architect

Job Description

Using technologies including WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, the Full-Stack Developer is responsible for building a wide range of websites. The Full-stack Developer takes a leading role in translating designs to pixel-perfect responsive, device-agnostic user interfaces, which comply with industry standards. This position requires that the Full-stack Developer work independently to implement various types of websites and optimizes WordPress sites for performance.


·         Use advanced knowledge of WordPress to build web interfaces; managing the technical aspects and implementing new features and functionalities

·         Assume full control of HTML/CSS, jQuery, W3C, JavaScript, PHP – maintaining code organization and cleanliness

·         Ensure cross-browser compatibility, performance, and robustness of user interfaces

·         Advanced responsive coding techniques

·         Create web pages in conformance with the Cengage Web Style Guide

·         Optimize sites for performance

·         Build new HTML websites from layouts, mark-ups, wireframes or content

·         Make copy, content and code edits to existing websites

·         Evaluate stakeholder-provided content and optimize for use on websites (e.g., PDFs, graphics, etc.)

·         Configure content via a CMS and/or on HTML pages

·         Test cross-browser and device compatibility throughout the entire design process


·         Assist with other quality assurance tasks to ensure compliance with current standards

Desired Skills and Expertise

·         4+ years of web development experience (at least 3+ specific to WordPress)

·         Familiarity with source control, including experience with GitHub issue tracker, and fixing bugs using hotfix branches in Git repos

·         Proven mastery of HTML 5, CSS 3, JSON, XML, DOM scripting, jQuery, and JavaScript development skills

·         Experience with Bootstrap

·         Knowledge of W3C web standards and ability to create clean, standards-compliant code

·         Strong understanding and knowledge of coding best practices and proven experience adhering to them in a team environment

·         Knowledge of Google Analytics or other Web analytics tracking tools

·         Ability to follow behind other developers and work within existing code base without total refactoring

·         A good eye for aesthetics

·         Ability to work quickly with a strong attention to detail

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·         The ability to translate complex concepts into their simplest components to non-developers across the organization

·         Self-motivated

·         Solution-oriented, proven ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles

·         Flexibility and eagerness to identify, learn, and use new and changing technologies

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or a related degree a plus

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