Press Release: Digital Media Firm Rebrands as Carbon Media Group

In 2007, David Farbman’s love for living, working and playing outdoors led him to launch what became OutdoorHub, an ad network dedicated to hunting, fishing, shooting and other outdoor pursuits. The network soon grew to encompass adventure sports, farming and a variety of other activities.

As each of these networks evolved, the common bond between their audiences became increasingly clear: a deep connection to the outdoors. The company has evolved as well, rebranding as Carbon Media Group (CMG) to reflect this elemental connection between the diverse individuals that make up this active, engaged and loyal group.

Today, CMG is an ecosystem of over 500 websites and media channels focused on providing unique, original content for those interested in outdoor pursuits, ranging from hunting and fishing to skiing, trail sports and agriculture. The new brand better reflects CMG’s position as an all-encompassing media company—which also includes facilitating targeted digital advertising and broadcast channels.

“We realized that the common bond throughout all of our networks is channeling people’s passion for the outdoors,” said Hyaat Chaudhary, CEO of CMG. “We recognized a strategic opportunity to bring our digital properties together under one masthead and find fresh, unique ways to engage the undervalued audience of outdoor enthusiasts.”

Through their extensive multimedia network, CMG creates and distributes timely, informative content for those who live, work and play outdoors. Additionally, the company connects brands and advertisers with this largely underserved audience through multi-pronged advertising on CMG’s networks.

Outdoor recreation accounts for more than $600 billion in direct sales annually, and CMG is able to link brands directly with consumers in a way that typical male-focused ad buys (in media outlets such as ESPN, GQ and Men’s Health) aren’t able to do. In fact, nearly 75 percent of CMG’s audiences do not frequent and its affiliated websites.

“Outdoor recreation is an economic giant, but is largely underappreciated by many brands in their advertising campaigns,” said Chaudhary. “By focusing advertising efforts specifically on traditional channels, brands lose out on large segments of consumers. Our targeted approach helps brands bridge that gap and focus their ad dollars on this active, engaged audience.”

CMG also boasts a network of outdoor-related YouTube channels and—a home for high-production-value video content not found anywhere else.


Luke Capizzo